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    It’s good that we find friends from different parts of our environment because we get to see sorts of happiness in various angles. There are times that we laugh at things that are not that funny for us to really enjoy the mere fact of having fun. There are also moments wherein you tease your friend’s dress to break the ice amidst awkward silence.

    What I really enjoy the most is when you get so comfortable with your peers. There are no walls that bar the flow of frivolous bunch of jokes, even though they are below the belt (*chuckles). Most of the time, when unplanned hang-outs pop out, you can really sense the feeling of true enjoyment because the hassle of planning, inviting and organizing it were not there to meddle. You can go to places you’ve never been to all because of a friend’s ride. Your friends can also save you from your Php 20 bill because they are the ones who’ll catch you from the cruelty of scarcity. Sometimes you will just burp not realizing that they already fed you with goods that you didn’t buy. See the excitement of having no money? haha

    There comes a time where words become extinct because endless laughter boots out and fills the entire room. One unique way of expressing extreme happiness is when your girl friend pulls the hair of one of the members of the group because she cannot contain anymore the wild, orgasmic happiness inside her stomach. Another friend slaps the shoulder or sometimes pinch a tiny portion of the skin to also express her gargantuan enjoyment to her friend. These extreme acts gives the shit out of me and I love seeing them go wild and free when we’re together.

    Because of these happy memories, trust is built and established. You will have the guts to tell your closest friend in the group or perhaps the whole group your craziest and darkest secret you have ever kept in your entire life. From there, they will find funny stuffs that could be cracked during sassing sessions. Imagine how light the feeling is when you and your friends laugh at each other’s imperfections in a not so offensive way. I find this very precious for it is irreplaceable by nothing.

    These are just some of the facts I could share with you. Let us be reminded that we were born to create happiness for ourselves, to others and to everyone. We will all age and worst, we might forget the names of some of our friends but the memories we made will no longer be diminished. Let us all make happy memories instead of melodramatic ones. Besides, laughing all throughout the week lessens the risk of having cardiovascular diseases, thus leaving your heart happy and capable of expressing happiness to everyone.

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    For every Sunday is a blessing..

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